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How is your blood analysis different from a regular blood test?
How is your blood analysis different from a regular blood test?
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My Nightingale blood test and app use advanced technology to give you a wide variety of health results from a single blood sample. Unlike a standard lab report, instead of just giving you the blood test numbers, My Nightingale interprets the data for you and delivers it via the app in an easy-to-understand format.

The results include unique health information in the form of Nightingale Health Index and 6 health indicator scores that are only available through the My Nightingale service. In addition, My Nightingale blood test at Nightingale Nest also delivers 20 most relevant and actionable biomarker results that show how your daily lifestyle – diet, exercise, sleep, stress and such – affects your body, to give you a comprehensive understanding of your current health status. This helps you follow your health on your own and prevent lifestyle diseases long before developing any visible symptoms.

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