You can send general feedback about My Nightingale and Nightingale Nest to

However, if you want to file a formal complaint (in accordance with the Finnish Patient law/Potilaslaki 10 ยง) please follow these instructions:
Customers and their representatives who are unsatisfied with the service can file a notification to the Chief Medical Officer. You can file your notification as an informal letter. The letter must include at least the following information:

  • The person whose treatment the notification is about

  • The name of the unit that the notification refers to

  • The reason for the notification

  • A detailed description of the event

  • The corrective actions that are suggested to be done

  • The contact information and signature of the person filing the notification

The notification will be handled and responded to by the Chief Medical Officer or a person authorized by her in a reasonable timeframe.

Please send the signed notification letter:
Nightingale Health Oyj / Chief Medical Officer
Mannerheimintie 164a
00300 Helsinki

If you wish to send the notification letter electronically, please contact to receive instructions for secure form of communication.

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