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Legal and regulatory information for the My Nightingale blood test
Legal and regulatory information for the My Nightingale blood test
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Which of the biomarker results delivered in My Nightingale are clinically validated?

Clinically validated biomarker results delivered in the My Nightingale mobile application are:

  • Total Cholesterol (N10006)*

  • Triglycerides (N10005)*

  • LDL Cholesterol (N10002)*

  • HDL Cholesterol (N10001)*

  • VLDL cholesterol (N10025)

  • Lipoprotein apo B/A1 ratio (N20003)

  • Lipoprotein apo B (N10004)*

  • Lipoprotein apo A1 (N10003)*

  • Glucose (N10024)*

  • Omega-6 % (N20006)

  • Omega-3 % (N20005)

  • PUFA % (N20011)

  • MUFA % (N20008)

  • SFA % (N20009)

  • Total concentration of branched-chain amino acids (N20004)

  • GlycA (N10022)

*Accredited method. Our laboratories have been accredited by Finnish Accreditation Service FINAS. Nightingale Health Plc, Laboratory is a testing laboratory T333, accreditation criteria SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025. Scope of accreditation and sites are available at Measurement uncertainties are provided upon request. Measurement uncertainties are not considered in defining category for each result.

What is the type of primary sample used for the blood analysis?

Serum is used as a primary sample type for your blood analysis. At Nightingale Nest, the blood sample is collected using the traditional venous blood draw technique. We only take one tube of blood. Our nurses are happy to explain every step of the blood drawing process when you visit us at Nightingale Nest.

What is the measurement procedure used for analysing my blood sample?

We use NMR Spectroscopy for analysing your blood. You can learn more about us and our technology here -

What is the laboratory that produced my analysis results?

We use our laboratory in Helsinki to analyse the blood samples delivered in the My Nightingale mobile app. The lab's postal address is:

Nightingale Health Helsinki laboratory

Mannerheimintie 164a

00300 Helsinki, Finland

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