The My Nightingale Starter package is the perfect way for you to start following your health and see how simple changes in diet, physical activity and sleep can improve your wellbeing.

The Starter package includes two blood tests. The first test is a baseline test that shows where your health is today. The second test is a follow-up test that helps you understand how changes in your lifestyle affect your health. For both tests, your blood will be drawn at Nightingale Nest in Helsinki. Test results will be delivered to your phone via the My Nightingale mobile app.

You can buy the Starter package, including two blood tests (baseline and follow-up) for a one-time payment of 109€. 

In practice you get: 

  1. Two blood draws at Nightingale Nest in Helsinki.
  2. Two personal test results (baseline and follow-up) delivered to your phone via the My Nightingale mobile app. 

Want to purchase more than two blood tests? We will soon introduce subscription packages to help you follow your health on a more regular basis. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when the subscriptions become available.

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