Version history - My Nightingale mobile applicationĀ 


In this release, we've adjusted the categories for ApoB/ApoA1 ratio in Cholesterol balance and improved the error handling in cases when the network connection drops.


In this release, we've done some minor improvements to the usability and fine-tuned some animations in different views.


In this release, we include support for multiple blood test results, allowing you to compare your results to your previous tests. In addition, we have made some performance improvements under the hood to make the experience even better.

In this release, we have fine-tuned how we categorise some of the biomarker results. This is to give you an even more precise assessment of your health.

This won't affect your overall results but might change some of the biomarker categories you fall into. All the revisions to the category ranges have been made or reviewed by a medical doctor.

In this release, we've done minor improvements to heart age view.

In this release, we've done minor improvements to biomarker result views

In this release, we've done minor improvements to biomarker and health indicator result views.

In this release, we include more information about how you can improve your health indicator scores and biomarker measurements. In addition, we adapted how we show decimals for some of your scores and measurements. In some cases, this might result in slight changes in how your test results are displayed and categorised.

In this release we clarified the medical recommendations for a number of biomarkers.

In this release, we include a new onboarding experience to show you how to navigate and get the most out of your results when you receive them for the first time.

In this release we include a number of small improvements that ensure that your health data is displayed as accurately as possible.

Say hello to the first release of the My Nightingale app.

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