What is Nightingale Covid Risk?

Nightingale Covid Risk is a blood test that predicts your risk of getting severe coronavirus infection. The test can predict whether you are likely to develop mild symptoms or become severely ill due to COVID-19 if you get infected. While the test identifies the seemingly healthy individuals who are likely to get a severe coronavirus infection, it allows targeted interventions and helps e.g. inform safe working during the pandemic.

If you are identified as a high-risk individual by the test, you should take special care to reduce your risk of infection. Although social distancing is recommended for everyone, those with high risk for severe COVID-19 disease should take special precautions to avoid infection.


  • The Covid Severity Score is calculated based on the blood test only. It does not take into account other risk factors you may have.

  • Results do not describe your overall risk of developing severe COVID-19 symptoms because the results do not cover all factors or rule out other factors that might influence your risk. The results are to be considered as an additional risk factor on top of any other existing risk factors you may have.

How does Nightingale Covid Risk work?

Nightingale Covid Risk provides information about your risk of getting severe coronavirus infection based on your blood. Here is how it works:

  • Nightingale Covid Risk is currently available for companies and their employees.

  • Book a time for your blood draw at Nightingale Nest in Helsinki. If your employer has arranged the testing, other locations or an at-home testing may be available.

  • Have your blood sample taken

  • View your test results in the Nightingale Covid Risk mobile app

What is Nightingale Covid Risk based on and how are the results calculated?

Nightingale Covid Risk is based on an analysis of over 100,000 blood samples from the UK Biobank collection using high-throughput metabolomics. The collection includes pre-pandemic samples from individuals some of whom contracted a severe form of the coronavirus disease in 2020. As a result, research into biomarkers shared by seemingly healthy individuals vulnerable to coronavirus disease is enabled.

This study identified a specific molecular signature shared by individuals hospitalized due to COVID-19. Those carrying this molecular signature were found to be 5-10 times more likely to be hospitalized if they contracted the disease regardless of their age or presence of existing disease conditions.

Nightingale Covid Risk compares your biomarker profile to that common among those who developed a severe COVID-19 disease. If you carry the same profile, you will be identified as a high-risk individual by the test.

What is Nightingale Nest?  

Nightingale Nest is a place where you get your blood draw. Nightingale Nest is located in Ruskeasuo in Helsinki.

Where is Nightingale Covid Risk available?

Our preventative Covid testing services are currently available in Finland.

Who offers Nightingale Covid Risk?

The Nightingale Covid Risk service is offered by Nightingale Health. Read more about our company here.

How can I contact you to give feedback or ask questions about the service?

We are always happy to hear from you. Your feedback is very important for us to improve our services. So, do tell about your experience via email to support@nightingalehealth.com.

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