In phase three of the home testing pilot the results include the Nightingale Health Index along with five different health indicators. You will receive the results via My Nightingale app on your phone, and you will also receive research-based insights on how to improve your wellbeing.

The Nightingale Health Index combines the results from the five health indicators into one score to give you an overview of your health. The five health indicators highlight different areas of your health, and by tracking your results over time, you can see how your lifestyle choices affect each area.

The health indicators included in the home test results are:

  • Cholesterol balance

  • Diabetes resistance (includes type 2 diabetes risk)

  • Inflammation

  • Fatty acid balance

  • Heart age

Please note that the results are affected by the length of fasting (recommended time 10–12 hours) and the age and gender information you provide in your user profile.

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