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Livit Blood Collection Kit
Livit Blood Collection Kit
There was a problem registering the Livit Blood Collection Kit, what should I do?
How is the blood sample collected?
How should I prepare for the blood sampling?
What is the Livit Blood Collection Kit?
What is contained in the Livit Blood Collection Kit package?
How should I store the Livit Blood Collection Kit before and after blood collection?
Why do I need to massage my hands under warm water or increase my heart rate before collecting the blood sample?
How do I massage my hand to collect the sample?
From which finger should I take the blood sample?
How do I use the lancet?
How does the blood collection device work?
Why won’t blood come out of my finger when collecting the sample?
Why won’t the tubes fill?
I overfilled the device and there is blood on the outside, is this ok?
How do I take the red funnel off?
How do I close the blood collection device?
I returned the Livit Blood Collection Kit, but I forgot to register it. What should I do?
Do I need to do something to the blood collection device before taking the sample?
The blood stays on the red funnel and won't enter the device, what should I do?
Can I follow where my blood sample is now?
My finger is hurting and has a small bruise after taking the sample. Is that normal?
Can I ship the sample in any weather condition?
Can I take my vitamins before taking the sample?
Livit Blood Collection Kit is open or seems damaged, should I still use it?
Can I use a Livit Blood Collection Kit that someone else ordered for themselves?
What happens if my sample couldn't be analyzed?
The expiry date on the Livit Blood Collection Kit has passed. Can I still use it?